Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Send Me Your Team Rosters For PT Theros!

I did this for the last Pro Tour, and I'm doing it again! I'm compiling team rosters for all the different teams preparing for Pro Tour Theros.

Unfortunately, I will not be in attendance, so I will need some help from you guys.

Why am I doing this?

For me, teams are the big story. I want to root for teams. I want to get the feeling of camaraderie evoked only from the Pro Tour. I want to know who the underdogs are and who the "team to beat" is. I want to know who to pick for my fantasy drafts.

Wizards of the Coast is much more focused on individual players during coverage. However, from feedback I got from them, my compilation helped them bring more focus to teams during Pro Tour Dragon's Maze. (Knowing who is on which team helps...)

I believe having this side of the story makes for more compelling coverage, and I believe Magic needs more compelling coverage.

I also believe teams deserve credit for the success of their teammates. A good team elevates each member and makes them better than they were before! At least give them a shout out.

So, what do I need from you? 

I only need the bare minimum, but more is helpful.

Bare Minimum:
Team name (If you don't have one, I'm probably going to name it after the country or region.)
List of people who are attending the PT
List of people who helped playtest but are not attending (if you want)

More Is Helpful:
Nationalities of individual team members
Twitter handles

Even More Is Better!
Fun facts / talking points
Photos of individual team members

Send to mulldrifting@gmail.com }

Or Facebook message me.

I seriously appreciate anyone who helps me with this, as I'd like these rosters to be as complete as possible. I missed several teams last time. :<

If you aren't on a team and lone-wolfing it, I'd love to know more also.

My work on Pro Tour Dragon's Maze can be seen here. I plan on changing it up slightly, so it won't look exactly like this.