Lauren "Mulldrifting" Lee is the former Online Content Coordinator for StarCityGames.com after working there for two years. She graduated from the California Institute of Technology with a Biology degree, but she believes the best thing that happened to her there was discovering Magic: The Gathering.

Mulldrifting started playing Magic during Lorwyn/Morningtide block and started competing after the release of Conflux. She won a PTQ and attended Pro Tour Amsterdam. Since then, she's been closely involved in the Magic community, working for SCG and doing coverage at Pro Tours.

These days, she's learning iOS development at Code Fellows, figuring out where she wants to live (Seattle, probably), and playing tons of board games, card games, and Werewolf.

She recommends getting the RSS feed to her blog (check right-hand column), subscribing via email, or following her on Twitter or Facebook for updates.