Northern Walker Alliance

Andrejs Prost (@andrejsprost)
Country: United States
Qualified via: Gold

PT Philadelphia 2011 Top 8, GP Seattle-Tacoma 2012 Top 8, GP Rotterdam 9th, baconator5000 on MTGO
Dean McLaren
Country: Canada
Qualified via: Sponsor's Exemption

His third Pro Tour after PT San Diego and PT Amsterdam, made the finals of two MTGO PTQs in one weekend, in this article by BDM
Doug Potter (@dougpkr)
Country: Canada
Qualified via: PTQ in Calgary (Jund)

States 2011 Champion, Modern deck featured in Top Decks, writer for Mana Deprived
Maksym Gryn (@maksvalue)
Country: Canada
Qualified via: Silver PTQ

PT Return to Ravnica 11th, Team GP San Jose 2012 Finalist
"I won a match at a Pro Tour, one time."
Sebastian Denno
Country: Canada
Qualified via: PTQ in Kelowna

PT Return to Ravnica 15th, 2007 Regional Champion, played a "spicy" version of Eggs at PTRTR with Banefire & Laboratory Maniac
Shaun McLaren
Country: Canada
Qualified via: MTGO PTQ

ArsenalMunch on MTGO, won MOCS Season 10, MOCS 2012 11th, Canadian Nationals 2007 Finalist, writer for SCG
Tyler Blum
Country: Canada
Qualified via: PTQ in Winnipeg (Jund)

Made Canadian National Team when he was 15 in 2005 (where the picture is from), Top 4 of National Qualifier 2009