Team Mana Deprived

Alexander Hayne (@InsaneHayne)
Country: Canada
Qualified via: Platinum

PT Avacyn Restored Champion, Rookie of the Year, Top Canadian Player
"He makes miracles happen."
Anthony Berlingieri
Country: Canada
Qualified via: PTQ in Erie, PA (Birthing Pod)

Made $1,500 (37th) at his first Pro Tour (Return to Ravnica)
Featured on Inside The Deck: "Playing In Your First Pro Tour"
Carlos Pal (@CPal90_MTG)
Country: Costa Rica
Qualified via: MTGO PTQ (video with AJ Sacher)

2008 National Champion, CPal90 on MTGO, Silver 4 in League of Legends
Chapman Sim
Country: Singapore
Qualified via: GP Singapore (Finalist)

World Magic Cup Team 2012, Owns an MTG Cafe
"I'm a fan of righteousness!"
David Caplan (@goobafish88)
Country: Canada
Qualified via: PTQ in Toronto (Splinter Twin)

Worlds 2011 Top 4, GP Chicago 2009 Top 8, goobafish on MTGO (MOCS 2013)
Hao-Shan Huang
Country: Taiwan
Qualified via: Gold

Three GP Top 8s (Brisbane '11, Singapore '11, Singapore '13)
"I wish there was a guild named Bonfire."
Jon Stern (@JonSternMTL)
Country: Canada
Qualified via: Gold

GP Atlantic City 2013 Champion, GP Toronto 2012 Top 8, PT Yokohama 2003 Top 32, Canadian Nationals Finalist, writer for Mana Deprived
Josh McClain
Country: United States
Qualified via: Sponsor's Exemption

Initially overlooked for Sponsor's Exemptions but made it in after they added his MTGO PTQs; the Facebook status announcing it got 100+ likes
Matthias Hunt (@MtGMatthias)
Country: United States
Qualified via: Gold

GP Indianapolis 2012 Top 8, Rookie of the Year, Worlds 2011 Top 16
SCGLive commentator, mathematician, secretly awesome singer
Pascal Maynard (@PascalMaynard)
Country: Canada
Qualified via: PTQ

Three GP Top 8s, all in 2012 (Costa Rica, Mexico City, Indianapolis), writer for Mana Deprived
Shi Tian Lee
Country: Hong Kong
Qualified via: Gold

PT Return to Ravnica Top 4, Top 8ed two GPs in Taipei, GP Birmingham 2008 Champion
Tzu-Ching Kuo
Country: Chinese Taipei
Qualified via: Platinum

2012 World Magic Cup Champion, eight GP Top 8s, five Nationals appearances