Jeremy Dezanir
Country: France
Qualified via: GP Verona Top 4

GP Verona 2013 Top 4, GP Lyon 2012 Champion, GP Paris 2009 Top 8
Julien Stihle
Country: France
Qualified via: PTQ in Metz

Longtime French GP/PTQ grinder, Turbo Fog Deck Tech
Melissa Detora (@AllWeDoIsWinMTG)
Country: United States
Qualified via: Gold

PT Gatecrash Top 8, GP Santiago 2011 Top 8, writer for TCGPlayer, 13th Pro Tour
Raphael Levy (@hahamoud)
Country: France
Qualified via: Hall of Fame

3 Pro Tour Top 8s, 18 Grand Prix Top 8s (four wins), Wikipedia page
Raymond Veenis (@Tekno_Link)
Country: The Netherlands
Qualified via: PT Gatecrash Top 25

"Play the Game, See the World" Champion, featured in this article, PT Gatecrash Top 25, sponsored by MagicAD
Roberto Gonzales (@RobertJGonzales )
Country: United States
Qualified via: PT Gatecrash 9th

9th at PT Gatecrash with a Special Invite (article), writer for TCGPlayer
Timothee Simonot
Country: France
Qualified via: GP London Champion

GP London 2013 Champion, 3 Pro Tour Top 50s, writer for French magazine Lotus Noir

Additional members: James Searles, Manu Vernay